Christmas train LAIMA

Creation of any promotional stand begins with the phase of layouts, and then those are developed in details, preparing the front views and technical drawings. If it is necessary a planogram is prepared and the capacity of the stand is calculated. During this phase one shall also at the same time consider the technological possibilities, so that the manufacturer may implement the design in the reality as closely as possible. In case of need, the designer provides recommendations to the manufacturer.

Taking into consideration the technical possibilities, the final result may slightly differ from the draft, which is normal.  While designing the stand, one has to take into consideration also the peculiarities of the trade place. For example, important elements may not be placed in low position, as they may be covered by other goods or intensive movement of consumers, thus the logo shall be placed so that it is well noticeable. One should avoid white colour of the stand, especially in its lower part, as it would get dirty quite soon. The lower part should also contain no elements, which may be torn off by the shopping carts. A special attention shall be paid on how to display the goods in the store with the help of the stand, as the store environment is full of various colours and forms. Stands are not just objects where to place the goods, they communicate with the consumers and attract their attention. Currently LED lights, non-standard solutions and interaction with consumers are most topical and efficient.