Ādažu crisps car design

Advertising on vehicles is an effective and cheap way to promote your brand. This type of advertising creates fantastic outdoor exposure that can be easily noticed by all drivers and pedestrians. Advertising on vehicles has a long-lasting effect. Moreover, you don’t have to approve such activity with the local building management authority, the design can be changed quickly and in an inexpensive way, there is no need to pay the rent for advertising space (if it is a corporate vehicle). Below you will find a brief description of the automotive ad creation process. The artist chooses to draw a part of the sketch by hand, and then designs the other part of it in the graphic design program. The sketch works are placed on a vehicle to see how the design interacts with the car’s shape, which is very important.

The final result in real life looks even more expressive than in the sketch work. This customer could choose one design version for a car, bus and lorry. Each vehicle model is different so it requires careful fine-tuning of every single detail. You should keep in mind that important details must not be placed in areas where they be potentially damaged, for example, vehicle doorsteps or on the lower part of its body where snow or mud can cover the design. Another vital aspect is vehicle glasswork — frequent opening and closure of windows, as well as windshield wipers can affect the durability of promotional stickers, hence requiring their regular replacement.