Summer Shake design process

Creating design for Summer Shake key visual, label, logo and printed promotional materials, starting from the initial sketch design through to the print production. This project required participation of several specialists and stakeholders — a customer, project director, project manager, artist-designer and print layout designer. In fact, even an accountant was involved. Here we will only describe the design and layout aspects.

Creation of brand involves such stages as: concept, positioning, topicality, even the season and many other factors.
Creation of new beer cocktail brand and development of trade materials.
Summer shake – from logo to advertisements at the public transportation stops.

During each of the phases several versions of layouts are prepared until the desired result is reached. The first stage in the creation of the brand after the concept has been agreed upon is logo and the design of the packaging. In this case it is the label.

  1. This was a new product, and our task was to prepare all materials for promoting a new brand — its logo, product label, key visual (the leading design theme which is used in all promotional materials) etc. In this particular case we did both, the creative and the technical part of the design process. Below you can see a few sketch works in different shapes and colours proposed for a label and logo.

2. When a customer accepts the design concept for a logo and label, the next step is to create a key visual design. For this particular customer, the designer created several sketch works using different art techniques. The artist, in turn, received a brief and decided to use the stock photos enhancing them by his own illustrations. The customer selected one sketch design which was then developed further by making the desired corrections, elaborating details etc. When the designer prepares sketch works, we normally use stock photo previews in order to save our customers’ money. There is no need to buy pictures until the final key visual is approved. While preparing the final design, the designer does the photo retouching one more time to refine all details and colours to acquire high resolution and good quality of the picture.

Key Visual is important material, which will later be used in all commercial materials. It should look well on any commercial space, attention must be paid in order to send the message of the product with the help of visual features and means. Key Visual should be easy to perceive, it normally contains a logo, environment (photo or illustration), the product and its slogan.

3. Other promotional materials are prepared based on a key visual. For this particular project, we created a cardboard stand for local markets, a wobbler and a stopper in order to highlight the product on the shelf. Also, we developed a car design concept and bus stop advertisements to get greater outdoor exposure for the product. Besides, an internet banner was designed for a news portal. Later, the layout designer prepared print layouts for all materials in the required formats and sizes. It is very important for the layout designer to have good knowledge in print file preparation to create the result that meets customer expectations. Usually this is the reason why it is advisable to make 3D visualizations as well, e.g. a wobbler placed in the shelf, a poster in a bus stop etc.

Point of sale materials are those advertising materials, which are placed in the trading places, for instance, wobblers, stoppers, price tags as well as big advertising materials – promotional stands. These materials may have different functions – to remind of the product, inform about the new design or taste of the product, tell about the campaign or lottery. It is important that they attract one’s attention and are noticeable in the satiated environment of the store.

To promote the recognisability of the brand and address the maximum of the target audience, the commercials shall be published in different channels.